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A Montessori Day School in the Canton Zug/ Switzerland for Children between 18 Months and 12 Years



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We'r all still impacted by the aftermath of Corona. Social Distancing, lots of new rues - also here in our school. This can be stressful for everybody involved. This is why self-care is more critical than ever. Claudia Hesse, Personal Leadership Expert from  www.thebetterworkplace.com gives a couple of tips of how to make time for yourself and what helps immediately. 
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Why ...

… our school for your child? Quite simple. Here, your child will learn all the future competencies which are required to live a successful and happy life.With courage, resilience & joy in (life long) learning.

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…does our school work? We are a day school, which will guide your child from infancy to the end of primary school. We teach based on Montessori pedagogy. Here are some of the most important answers:

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.…is Montessori pedagogy? The short answer: Internationally recognized, established for 100 years and still geared towards the future – namely your child. Supporting and advancing talent. Click here for the detailed version.

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Welcome to the futura Montessori school!

We are glad you are here. Take a look around and discover what makes our school so special for your child and its unique talents.

Since 2004 we – myself together with my wonderful team – have been accompanying approximately 60 children in the children’s house and the primary school in Baar. In February 2020, we will also open in the Zug location – specifically for toddlers and young children.

I look forward to getting to know both, you and your child. 

Renee Classen
General school management and founder of futura Baar


School Administration & Team

It is the people who make the difference. Get to know us.

Renée Classen
General management futura

Serife Demmerle
Management of the children’s house

Anja Contu
Management General Administration

"My daughter told me, how you show love and respect daily. She feels respected and accepted. For me, as a mother, this is a wonderful feedback about the environment to which I send my daughter every day!"

Mother of a primary school student

"It is brilliant that the Montessori method does not cause the children to fear mathematics. No complicated terminology like addition and multiplication – just counting. And with increased practice and certainty comes the ability to understand more complex and scientific terminology without feeling ‘incapable’"

Father of a primary school student

"I am not easily impressed, but when Renée gives her presentations, I certainly understand the fascination of the children. And surprisingly they remember every word of the presentation afterwards."

Father of a primary school student

FAQ - Your questions answered

Here you'll find the answers the most important questions … if yours is not among them, just call and let's chat.

The school is located in large, friendly and light rooms in the center of Baar, 2 minutes walk from the train station, with a bus stop right in front of the door and parking behind the building (if you are dropping off your child).

Our branch in Zug is expected to open in February 2020.

As of February 2020, we will accept your child as of the age of 18 months. The children between 18 months and 3 years will be in the toddler group, the children aged 3-6 in the children’s house group and as of 6 years of age, they will typically be in the primary school group. If your child is ready to move to the primary school group at a younger age this can also be arranged.

Your children can attend our school in Baar as of 7 am. If you require it, your child can stay with us until 7 pm.  The regular hours cover the childcare until 5 pm. We kindly ask you to register your requirements in advance – and we will only charge what you actually use.

Additionally, we offer programs for your children during most holiday times. The school is closed during the last 2 weeks of the summer holidays as well as for 2 weeks over Christmas.

We are still working on the exact childcare times for the Zug branch.

We have one facility in Baar and are working on a second one in Zug: In our main establishment in Baar, we are teaching roughly 60 children.


The adherence to the current curriculum of the public schools is guaranteed at all times at futura. Currently, we are working in accordance with the curriculum 21 (Lehrplan 21).

Yes, our school is officially recognized since its founding in 2004. We are also recognized as a Montessori school by the AMS (Association Montessori Suisse), which also means that we participate actively in the education of future Montessori teaching staff on an international basis (so-called guest students that are regularly visiting the school to observe and learn).

We place great importance on preparing the children in the 5th and 6th grade in smaller groups, specifically for the transition to a secondary school. This mostly takes place in the afternoons in addition to the Montessori work. At this age, we also start to familiarize our students with test situations and grades. In addition, the teachers discuss the ideas about the future school path with children and parents.

The futura Montessori day school Baar is subject to the supervision of the Zug school supervision and adheres to the Zug curriculum concerning school material. This allows an easy transfer.

Since we teach according to the Montessori pedagogy, we do not have traditional classes, we rather teach the primary school group in a mixed age group. In these, the children are supported individually according to their talents and needs, they are invited to “presentations” and all their daily activities are documented precisely for each child.

Our children come from all over the world – the canton Zug is known to be very international and our school reflects that. We mainly teach in English or German, depending on which language is the child’s strongest. In the children’s house there is also a teacher who teaches in Swiss-German.

We also provide foreign language classes in English and French (as designated in the curriculum).

We employ around 20 people who look after your children.

Of these, 8 are excellently trained Montessori teachers and 6 are childcare staff for the children’s house.

In addition, we employ experts in various fields such as sports, languages, and music. And we always make sure that we get only the best.

Here you can get to know the whole team.

Montessori education cannot be explained in 2 minutes, however, it can be summarized in one sentence:

We support your child in developing his or her talents and opportunities as best as possible and to take responsibility for their learning.

Here you can find out everything you need to know about the basics of education and teaching here looks like.



An important prerequisite for successful learning is a healthy diet. Our school chef spoils our students daily with freshly prepared lunch dishes based on the latest finding in nutritional science. Concentrated learning over prolonged periods requires a consistently high supply of energy.

Our brain consumes more than a fifth of our daily energy needs. Therefore, we give the children the opportunity to eat a "Z'nüni" (morning snack) during the morning and a “Z’vieri” (afternoon snack) in the afternoon – when and if the child is hungry (we let the children determine the time of these themselves).

Please let us know if your child has any food allergies – we will be happy to address these if it is feasible.


Yes, this is indeed available. We are a day school optimized for working parents and therefore offer an extensive (fee-based) holiday program, during (almost) all holiday periods.

The school is closed for the last 2 weeks of the summer vacation as well as the 2 weeks over Christmas.


Simply arrange an appointment with us HERE, during which we will show you and your child our school, to allow you to get some first impressions.

We give all children the opportunity to visit us for a trial day. This helps your child, yourself and us, to come to a final decision as to whether futura is the right place for your child. It will also allow us to evaluate and whether and how we can optimally support your child.

 There are currently 12 places available in the toddler group in Zug (from February 2020), while the children’s house in Baar is fully occupied. There are, however, still a few available spaces in the elementary school in Baar.

You are also always welcome to enter your child into our (non-committal) waiting list.


No. The children are in school all day and hence, have plenty of time to practice what they are learning. This means the children have time for playing, time with you, or to just relax when they leave school for the day.

The cost depends on how long your child is with us every day. In the children’s house, there is a relatively high degree of flexibility, while in the school places are full-day.

In addition, the total cost also depends on which childcare services you use, outside of the core school hours and whether your child partakes in the lunch prepared by us.

You can download an overview about cost for our facility in Baar on this page. We will publish the costs for our facility on Zug here as soon as all the details are decided.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us on: +41 41 761 32 46.

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You want only the best for your child – and so do we. We can make a lot of promises. But for you to see and feel where your child is going to spend the next few years is much more important. Just visit us and see for yourself.


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